Modularity is interaction           USM
developped in Boisbuchet (FR)

Modularity is interaction — USM
developped in Boisbuchet (FR)

Milan Design Week, Salone dei Tessuti, Milan, Italy
From April 14th to 19th 2015

Design Museum, London, United Kingdom
From November 5th 2018 until March 24th 2019

Artistic direction: Dimitri Bahler,
Programmation: Mathieu Rivier, Joлlle Aeschlimann, Pauline Saglio
- The Mobile: Sylvain Aebischer, Linn Kandel
– The Pendulums: Valentine Dubois, Sarha Duquesne,
– The Flying Rings: Marie Douel, Christophe Guberan
– The Giant Sleeper: Manuel Amaral Netto, Yann Mathys
Materials: MDF, carbon fiber, POM, Tyvek, aluminum

Images: ECAL/Axel Crettenand

To celebrate its 50th anniversary USM Modular Furniture Haller invited seven groups of designers to rethink the concept of modularity during a one-week workshop in Boisbuchet, France.

Leaded by Dimitri’s Bahler’s vision of modularity our group focused on the moment of activation of the modularity and the relation between man and machine. We created an installation composed of four different modules that come to life when air is blown on the switches. Each module reacts and produces a different movement or rhythm according to computational coding or naturals forces. The output is programmed to look random, flexible, alive.

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